A Stranger Leaves Her A Message While Her Boyfriend Is Serving Overseas. You Won’t Believe It!


The bumper of Samantha’s car has a sticker that states that half of her heart is elsewhere. In fact, it’s in Afghanistan.

The validity of the message holds since Army Spc. Albert DeSimone (Samantha’s boyfriend) who is a soldier by profession is currently deployed in that country. Samantha lives in Arlington MA but on this day she had parked her car in front of Dunkin’ Donuts. She was headed to the car when she saw something unusual tucked under her car’s windscreen wiper. It was a white envelope!

A stranger had left her a note. She proceeded to post it on Facebook’s military page and since then it has received over two million views.

The stranger had a supportive message for Samantha and left her some $40. She was supposed to use the money to take DeSimone for dinner when he returns from serving.

Her boyfriend was really touched and happy when he discovered that a stranger had shown some appreciation.

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