The Husband Decides To Record His Wife While She’s… What She Captured? So Intriguing!


One of the things a mom misses when she was pregnant were the times her baby moves inside. All expectant moms feel the same thrill as they feel their baby kicking inside for the first time. Not just moms actually, but even the baby’s dad would even show more enthusiasm in every move he feels. This video isn’t something as ordinary yet exciting as typical baby movements inside a womb; it’s actually something not just tangible but something visually seen as well. This breath-taking video features a dad grabbing hold of the camera as soon as his wife lays down. Stomach out and camera ready, you can literally see the baby moving inside the stomach. How astonishing is that?!

According to WebMD, babies— especially in the third trimester—, at an average of once in every two minutes move. Now that’s a lot of action taking place inside a belly. It’s very typical to have expecting mom’s exchange thrilling stories about their babies moving inside, but nothing could ever be as exciting as this one because this video shows the major shifts in the earth’s crust— rather, in the mom’s belly. This truly is shocking and electrifying to any viewer.

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