This Weird Creature Was Crawling Under Her Blankets! When She Removed The Covers? Hysterical!


Baby miniature pigs are really adorable— that is, if you’re into those adorable little pet stuff. But there is nothing more adorable than your little baby pig hiding under the blankets. This cute piglet is literally trying to run away from its mom having fun as it moves around under the blankets. I would be amused too watching such an adorable little animal tease you when you just got up from bed. But what’s more amazing about this micro pig is that when the piglet’s mom was about to catch her, it… quacks?!

What?! The pig was quacking its way under the blanket covers! You’d probably think something is wrong with this video but this is literally a hilarious clip that made me plank on the couch to restrain myself! This video isn’t just adorable, it’s massively hilarious and entertaining that you’d never think a pig of this cute size would be quacking like a duck.

What an unusual set of vocal cords it has doesn’t it? To my entertainment I can’t get tired of hitting the replay button this thing and still end up with the same set of reaction!

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