She turns trash into treasure and woreiton prom night. This is amazing!


Anyone who knows anything about prom nights will agree that no teen ever wants to miss that night. It’s the holy grail of happiness and growth for numerous “high-schoolers” bracing to face the world properly. This is the night when these teens showcase their creativity and confidence in coming up with various interesting attire. On this occasion, Elizabeth Rasmuson clearly earned her cake!

The teen from Garner, Iowa, had resolved to make a unique dress for her prom night. The material? Gun wrappers! Elizabeth literally bought gun for her friends to chew, and in return, they would give her the wrappers which she used to make her dress. She also made a vest for her boyfriend. She’s a genius!

The smart teen soon became the talk of the town, with the media swooping in to cover her story.

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