The Mother Never Expected This From The Twins When She Started Singing Christmas Carols. Amazing Reactions!


Capturing that time when your baby makes a milestone is one of the sweetest things to do. Be it smiling, dancing or crawling, all of them are sweeter. It can’t any get better when those involved are twins.

This is the first Christmas for these two adorable twins. The two girls are only 9 months of age but they seem to be in a notable holiday spirit. This heartwarming moment was captured by their mother who had used a video camera.

“Deck The Halls” is the song that the mother had started singing and the twins joined her when she reached the chorus. How cute and adorable when you watch the two girls sing Christmas carols with the mother! They do this using the unique baby talk. This is one of the most prestigious moments I have ever seen. I believe the two inseparable twins have a bright future in music!

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