There’s a new way to combat Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s working!


Since its posting on YouTube back in 2014, this video has helped numerous people. The trailer is also awesome, and you must want to know about it. It’s titled “Alive Inside,” and it’s about a documentary that explores the role and power of music in fighting memory loss. Turns out, some good tunes could really go a long way in stalling and fighting the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Interesting!

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, this disease is the most prevalent manifestation of dementia. In the video, you join Dan Cohen, a social worker, in his quest to shore up a failed healthcare system as he demonstrates this new concept of fighting memory loss through music. So far, it looks pretty effective!

Click on the video and watch it to the end. You’ll be moved. If you like it, be sure to SHARE the video with your Facebook friends to.

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