Guy With Smelly Feet Gets A Rough Time From This Brave Feline. I Can’t Help Laughing!


One very common problem that faces us human beings is having smelly feet. Everybody dislikes this situation. In the following video, we see this lovely cat opting for the uncomfortable way of dealing with the smelly feet.

The funny clip starts as this cat tries to wage war against the person’s smelly foot. Using his paws, he gets hold of the man’s foot, as he moves closer to it, which in turn releases a bad odor! By looking at the cat’s face, it is full of shock. Even though the owner of the smelly feet got a lesson, the cat never hesitated to go in for a second round which seems an interesting reaction.

Basically, a cat’s reactions even to something normal can be humorous. Maybe this is the reason why they are considered as the preferred animal in the internet. By watching this clip to the end, you will surely have your ribs aching because of excessive laughing! However it lasts for 12 seconds, you will definitely watch it again and again.

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