Hiker Hears Swans Crying, Upon Getting To The Spot… So Shocking!


We all have seen clips of animals that would have died, if it’s not for some people who saved them. There is no such a sweet act like rescuing an animal that is in a fix.

In the clip below, we see a hiker saving two swans that were trapped by a fishing wire. His attention was caught from a distance with the swans’ cries. Nearing the place where the swans were, he realized that there were two swans trapped. Upon seeing the man, the swans swam towards his direction. They saw him as their only savior at the moment. Even though he took time to rescue them, he finally managed to free the two of them.

When one of the swans was fully freed from the fishing wire, it’s flapped his wings a sign of saying am free again. The man realized that the other swan was still trapped at the feet, so he picked it up and freed it fully. It also flapped its wings and both of them swam away.

However, it’s important to note that if you come across an animal that has been trapped, before rescuing it alone, please call the local wildlife rescue
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