Surprise On A Farm As A Mother Cow Shocks Many With Her Delivery!


In Northeast Texas, there occurred a rare birth, when a cow gave birth to four healthy calves, and were named Miny, Moo, Eeny, and Meeny.

Farmer Jimmy Barling, the owner of the cow commented that all were aware that she was pregnant, but not with four calves in the stomach, of which left them totally surprised.

Have you ever known that the chances of a cow to give birth to four calves are 1:2 million? This is according to the Local veterinarian Mike Baird, when giving a report to the NBC news.

Of course this surprises do occur, just like the horse who gave birth to twin foals, a filly and a colt, both with good health.

At the outskirts of DeKalb, not far from the borders between Arkansas and Oklahoma, the Barling family own like 20 cattle. Barney decided to carry DNA tests so that it can be a proof to those doubting that all the births were from a single cow.

To Barney’s point of view, rare births like this are supposed to be investigated deeply to have a clear answer, in the world of animal science.

The neighbors have joined in the taking care of the four calves since the mother can’t manage the four calves.

Barling explained that Meeny, Eeny and MIny are being taken care of by two different people, while Moo remained with her mother. Birth health states that a calf should weigh about 75 pounds, while Meeny being the smallest of the four calves, weighs 25 pounds.

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