Rescued Pit Bull Gets His First Taste Of Pizza. His Celebration Dance Is The Funniest.


Pizza! Who doesn’t like pizza! Perhaps the least liked part of a pizza is the crust! There is no flavor, no cheese, no fun – right? Well, meet Finn. He is a pit bull that was forced into dogfighting but was rescued and soon became known as Mighty Finn. Finn has his own Facebook page that tells of his efforts to combat dogfighting.

Despite his past, Finn is a lovable and friendly dog. Finn’s mom has experience with dog training and behavior, uses him as a canine assistant to help shy and fearful dogs. Finn is well-known in his neighborhood, and people love to see him around! In this video, Finn is helping out by taking care of some uneaten pizza crusts! His reaction is priceless!

Take a look at this video!

Such happiness and joy! This dog is the cutest little nut! LOL! At least he sits down before grabbing a new piece and running off! Share away, people!

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