What A Reaction From This Man When His Wife Tells Him To Open His Eyes!


The family of Dough decided to come up with something incredible while he was celebrating his 46th birthday. And to be precise, the plan lived to his expectations.

They gave him a wooden box that contained a tag that had his phone number, a dog collar and step daughter and wife’s picture. The two were holding a cute fluffy golden retriever of 3 weeks of age… this was the best birthday gift that Dough has ever got in his life.

From the look of things, the box makes Dough to be a bit perplexed. At first, he thinks the cure present is the family’s picture. But all in all, he’s very thankful.

Upon noticing the real gift after looking around the room, there is an immediate change in his facial expressions. The surprise that the family throws genuinely touches and shocks Dough. Surely, Stella and Dough as a couple were meant for each other!

This is the real definition of a family, I really love it!

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