A Puppy Fights To Be Awake. See What Follows When He Is Woken Up By A Ringing Phone.


The universe has revealed to us that Pomeranian pups are the prettiest around the world. These small fluff balls are the best example of small puppies which do not know how young they are. For example, one can take a small baby fur. This nice white pom pup was lately recorded on camera doing a very funny thing. I cannot actually get enough of this!

From what we see in the clip, Gabe has a nice life. This puppy is trying his best to enjoy some sleep on the couch together with the teddy bear using a pink fuzzy blanket. He really wants to enjoy a nap. You cannot stop laughing at Gabe when he seems to try shutting his eyes. Gabe is barely opens his eyes when a phone rings suddenly. He pops in the funniest way possible and to make the scene more interesting, he starts howling like a wolf. This is so cool!

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