He posted a video of his 16-year-old daughter and the internet can’t have enough of it


One thing about humans is that they love keeping memories, and one best way of doing that is by taking photos and recording videos of their best moments in life. But some people take the whole thing a notch higher and end up inspiring the whole world. FransHofmeester is such a person!

Frans is a Dutch artist who loves his family dearly. When his kids were born, Frans took it upon himself to record their daily lives and keep the memories. He then made some time-lapse videos detailing the kids’ development from birthto their current age. He started with the first-born daughter, and it broke the internet the moment he posted the clip. He went ahead to update it 2 years later when the daughter was 16. You can bet it’s too lovely to miss!

Click on the video and watch. You’ll be amazed, and you’ll want to hit that SHARE button right away!

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