This Pit Bull Has A Heart Of Gold… Ask This Cute Puppy. The Results Surprise Me!


Sometimes, TVs and newspapers are flooded with news portraying the negativity of Pit Bulls. “Mauling”, “dogfight” and “attack” are the words which are mostly used in most of these riddled stories. There are a lot of positive things which the media needs to cover about them but in most cases fail to do so.

It’s really wonderful whenever people take their time to share adorable and amazing video about Pit Bulls. Within this video, one Goro which is playing with a little friend is covered.

Even the coldest of hearts can be melted by watching the gentle and sweet Goro play with the tiny baby. Friendly, loving and gentle are the words which can be used to describe the adorable friend. When you watch them play, you will end up concluding that the little pup might be terrorizing the mature Goro!

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