The Performance Of These Boys’ Choir Makes The Whole Church To Erupt With Laughter!


Taking their name a bit for granted is what the Catalunia Boys’ Choir did but that did not prevent it from achieving hilarious results.

MEOW is the only word that the classical music they are singing has but you won’t notice that when you listen to their beautiful performance. Their feline vocals are simply out of this world.

This is part of the PCCB (Les Petits Chanteurs a la Croix de Bois) from Paris. It’s an all-boys French choir and this team is really funny from every angle you may look at their performance. As revealed by Wikipedia, the song they are performing ­-humorous duet for two cats (Duetto buffo di due gatti) is a famous song performed by two sopranos. Its repeated lyrics (meow) make it to be usually played as a concert-encore.

You can only say “BRAVO” while listening to the team!

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