She Never Expected Her Twins Were Capable Of This… She Was Amazed When She Caught Them Doing It In The Laundry Basket


Parents are more than overwhelmed when they witness their young ones make those important steps in life such as crawling, smiling or even dancing.

This video features two twins who are 18-months of age. One is called Lilah and the other Stella. The two are unique and have something in common since they have a special language of communicating with each other and seem to understand each other perfectly. You can bear me witness when you see the way they engage in a lengthy conversation discussing about socks.

Their mother, who witnessed it, found it to be so cute and had to record. The two were deeply engaged in their conversation to even notice her presence. From their conversation, it appears that Stella might have been guilty of stealing her sister’s socks. They end up by amicably solving their dispute in a manner none could have expected. You will not hold back your smile when you watch them.

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