Models stepped Into the water and created one of the cutest things you will ever witness


Most of us appreciate the art and the concept of photography. While that is the case, mastering and understanding it is not that easy. From the time when Brooke Shaden – an art photographer – graduated from university, she had been doing her best to develop her photographic mastery. The lady who was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was a student at Temple University and graduated in 2008.

In pursuing her passion for photography, she comes up with unique ideas that are based on credulity and experiments on different scenarios. It should be noted that her love for photography was inspired when they started exchanging self-portraits with her friend called Kelly, when the two were separated from each other for a very long time.

With time she started to post some of the photos that they had exchanged in Flickr, and that is how she ended up taking part in many photographic endeavors. The clip below covers one of her photo shoots named “Frozen in Water.” She had done the photo shoot with the help of some models and she want people to appreciate the other side of the world.

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