Man feels groggy after a dental procedure and feels his head is about to fall off


Nothing is exciting about a dental visit.

Bart’s last dental visit left him reeling from the anesthesia effects. He did something that left everyone in stitches.

Bart’s wife found him with a roll of tape in bed. When asked, he said the tape would prevent his head from falling off. He was scared his head would fall off and nobody would notice if it happened again.

The hilarious footage has received over 2 million views since it was shared online. Most of thenonsensical rants from the anesthesia-induced hallucinations are extremely teary or joyful.

Experts liken anesthesia to cocaine as they have the same chemical compounds in their drug content. The person wakes up with a strange-in-between condition in a semi-conscious state.

Bart gave his wife a good laugh after his dental visit. Watch the video below and let us know what you think.
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