Little Girl Makes A Wish Near Snow White, Seconds Later… I Can’t Believe My Eyes!


The catchphrase at Disneyland which says that it’s where all your dreams come true was proved to be true by Alyssa and her small brother Liam.

Alyssa and Liam had gone at the Disneyland to have fun just like other people. At the park, Belle, from the beauty and the Beast was there walking while sweet music played. Although she was enjoying her day, there was an issue disturbing her of late.

Scott Brown, Alyssa’s father, that works as marine that had been far away on a mission in Afghanistan. She already was missing her dad who was away ensuring that his two kids had a better life. But of late, Alyssa had missed her dad so much.

When she encountered with Snow White, they both closed their eyes while she made a wish, that her father could return back home safely.
It appeared that the wish turned into reality, because in not more than 10 seconds, her father appeared. The face of Alyssa showed disbelief as she slowly walked towards him and embraced him. This wonderful moment will surely be remembered by them forever.

They spent the whole day together and Alyssa kept telling her dad how she had missed her a lot.

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