This Guy Tried To Touch His Cat’s Food, What The Cat Did? LOL!


Alot of us are very greedy when it comes to our food and we don’t want to share with anyone. Well that doesn’t just apply to humans, in this video, it applies to a little kitten named Margo. Margo is on the kitchen floor with her plate, waiting for her food. Once her owner starts putting food onto her plate, Margo lets it be known that no one will come between her and her food. She immediately starts standing her ground and doesn’t even want the spoon near her food.

Her owners find it funny and they try to touch the plate but Margo isn’t having it at all!! She even steps in the food, trying to cover the plate so that no one can get it. She settles into a rhythm of eating and just before the video ends, they try their luck again. Margo, however, has not forgotten that she doesn’t want to share and doesn’t intend to!!

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