A Girl Was At Party….But What Happened There Is A Real Nightmare…Whoa!



Naomi Johnson’s life was changed from going to one slumber party.

#1 Beaten Up At Slumber Party

Naomi Johnson went to a sleepover party that she was invited to, only so the other girls could beat her up.

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#2 Badly Injured

Naomi suffered a lump on her carotid artery, and her medical bills were sky high at $40,000.

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#3 Parents Upset

Her parents are thinking to remove her from her school and relocate.

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#4 No Help

The school nor the police have intervened in the incident.

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#5 Law Suit

Deanna Kirgis hosted the party for her underage child, and served alcohol to the other underage kids that were there. Wayne Johnson, Naomi’s father is suing Deanna for not stopping the attack.

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#6 Death Threats

Since the incident, Naomi has received death threats.

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#7 Denial

Deanna Kirgis has denied serving alcohol to minors, and has not responded to her part in allowing the brutal attack to happen.


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