Get Ready, These Creatures Will Be Cracking You Up In Seconds. One, Two…! I’m Down!


If you thought humans are the only creatures who love wearing pajamas, get ready for a twist of the mind!

In this video, we have these 3-week old twin baby goats, Winifred and Monty, and they’re about to hurt your ribs.

On this cold afternoon, the Nigerian dwarfs were dressed in pajamas to beat the cold, and they loved it to the last seem!

Although the two siblings are not bullying any horses of pigs, the cute way in which they hop around the barn is something to be noticed.

The goat species has been known to be a strong antagonist to anything falling on their heads, and these two demonstrate that when they refuse to get out of the barn. They can’t risk their heads being rained on!

The owners even claimed on YouTube that they saw the two shaking their shapely heads at the thought of going out into the rain. Cute!

Watch this short video, and you might be tempted to play it many times over. The baby goats are just so cute and they’ll make you smile. Make sure you SHARE this on Facebook!

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