Emotional Reasons Why This Kid Has To Suffer Like This! Am Already Shedding Tears!!


To know what a person with autism goes through, kindly watch this clip below!

“We’ll Get By,” is a song sang by Jonny Orrwho doubles up as a singer and songwriter. Now, if you pay full attention to his lyrics, the sentiments that he and the small boy in the video are feeling will be transferred to you.

From the hardships that the boy encounters, we note that he really needs to be alive. We see that he has fears and necessities, which he finds hardship in revealing, but that does not make him any inferior.

His hobbies as portrayed in the clip are playing with animals, and painting, but he wishes dearly to play with a fellow child. But as the singer puts it, the autism is like a penitentiary that he is in. His heart is shared only with his mind and the pain too is shared at night when he screams. It’s impossible to tell what he is undergoing and the only option is to cry.

Orr’s buddy whose two kids are autistic, inspired him to compose the song. This hit explains the rough times that children undergo countrywide on a daily basis.

With all the cries, the family comes to realize that they need to love each other unreservedly, despite the hardship they are encountering. In the video, Orr manages to arrange things in a viewpoint. The song ends with a pitiful sentiment that we will carry on like that till the day we discover the source of autism.

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