The Driver Is Begged To Stop By The Kids. When You Discover Why? So Distressing!


Millions of parents worldwide entrust their kids with strangers every morning they let them aboard a bus to school. Knowing that the drivers are professionals is enough to believe all will be well. The thought of a kid being unsafe hardly crosses a parent’s mind.

This is the Allegany County and to be particular within the Alfred-Almond school district where the unexpected happened from a normal bus ride.

Freaking and frightened students are seen screaming out loud for the bus to stop. This footage was recorded by a surveillance camera. The driver of this bus was drunk!

From a blood alcohol content test, the content of alcohol within Martha Thompson was .15. The 55 years old driver felt the kids were overreacting.

As it can be heard from the video, Thompson tried to calm the kids down but they insisted he was not ok. Some moments later, the bus sped off, hit a mailbox and rolled down the hill.

Despite the cries from the kids, the driver didn’t stop. The children finally managed to open the emergency door and get out despite being discouraged by Thompson from doing so.

Fortunately, no one sustained injuries. Thompson was finally taken to court where she pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and 37 counts of endangering kids.

DUI should not be allowed. It gets worse when the culprit is driving schooling kids.

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