This Poor Dog Was Stuck And Screaming In The Middle Of Frozen Lake, What Happened Next? OMG!


A fluffy Delaware doggie got himself in a jam when he ended up immersed up to his shoulders in an ice- coated pond in Greenville.Heroes from the Elsmere and Cranston Heights Fire Departments manned a rowboat and chipped their way through the frozen water with picks to reach the helpless canine. Whileclearinga path and rowing, they asked the owner on shore what the dog’s name was, and a reply could be heard that his name was “Boo”. Theykindly reassured Boo as they steadily made their way toward him. An audible sigh of relief was heard all around as one of the crew secured the barking, scared Boo by the scruff of his neck and gently pulled him to safety.
In a few seconds, the soggy pup was wrapped in a towel and seemed just fine; however, the team decided that he needed to getover to the vet to be checked just in case. Thanks to the team up of some of Delaware’s finest, Boo, the lucky dog saved by firefighters, will live happily ever after to have other adventures.

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