Couple cannot get along but divorce is not option. A simple trick saves their marriage


John Danskin and Allison Paschke have been married for two decades. However, the couple constantlyargues over trivial things.

Determined to maintain a stable and healthy relationship, they came up with a slightly creative yet unorthodox way of ending their marriage woes.

The couple sold their Cranston home and bought a high-rise loft in Providence. The $600,000 loft sat on 4300 square feet.

Thecouple split the loft into two apartments with no middle or off-limit area. Everyone hastheir kitchen and bedroom. However, the couple eats together and shares the same bed. They have a private workspace where they decorate as they please.

Danskin and Paschke met in college and got married in 1983. They have two children whom they raised together.

When the constant bickering became constant, the couple knew divorce was not an option. The loft saved their problem. They respect each other’s personal space and has helped turn their marriage around.

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