Being Called Ugly Was Not Enough To Stop Meryl Streep From Becoming Who She is. What A Brilliant Response!


Sometimes, even Hollywood stars go through hard times.

Being a classy and highly talented actress, Meryl Streep is one of those that are highly sought after. I consider her to be a legend since not even her age has prevented the beauty and talent within her from getting better and better each day. She is always nice and that has made her to learn how to protect herself from the bad press reviews and rumors that most actors are associated with.

Though that is the case, dealing directors who are piggish is something she has learnt to live with. The Graham Norton Show is the source of this video and it features one audition that Meryl recounts it outcome. It was the remake of King Kong audition in the ’70s and famous Dino De Laurentiis was the director. The director’s son saw Merly in a play and requested her to take part in the audition. While in the office of Laurentiis, she overhead unkind words directed to her. They were not aware that Meryl understood Italian and had overheard whatever he was talking about!

Fortunately, that audition was not what Streep needed to become the legend she currently is. Worrying what others think of you should never prevent you from attaining your goals.

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