Brave Women Venture Deep Into The Untamed Land To Reveal The Secret About The Wild!


A short clip named Strong Women, Wild Horses, demonstrates brave photographers who are devoted to record how horses survive in the wild. With only their cameras, these women go far into the Great Basin, an untamed area, to have an encounter with the wild horses in their natural habitat.

With their cameras, the women are able to capture how these beasts are affected with the encroachment of human to their land. Producers of oil, and the ranch firms demand a lot of land for the production and construction of pipelines, making the lives of the wild animals to be in danger. In the following clip, we see first as these horses enjoy freedom which is later taken away when helicopters invade the land and chase them to captivity. The fowls are snatched away from their mothers as the stallions are murdered using stun guns.

The following video is a reminder of the current happenings to wild horses near phoenix, Arizona. The USA Today reports that the U.S. Forest Service is reexamining a project of evacuating wild horses from the Tanto National Forest, which has an estimate of 65-100 horses. Peaceful protesters and political leaders have created awareness of the situation. Keepers of the wild horses claimed that the horses would be murdered.

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